Windows Azure SDK 1.3 Refresh available immediately to download and install

Today Windows Azure Team released the Windows Azure SDK 1.3 Refresh. This refresh contains configuration and security changes that may affect services built using the Windows Azure November 2010 SDK (v 1.3) where a Web Role is deployed with the full IIS feature. Even when the refresh has a fix related with Full IIS role, it is suggested to download and apply the refresh immediately.


To applying Fix the best option is to install the full November 2010 Tools and SDK Refresh from the link below:



IF you decided to just ugrade the Windows Azure SDK the please use the link below:

After it please open your application package in VS2010 and rebuild and repackage it.


If you are using command line option for you application then just run cspack tool to repackage your application. 


Finally please upgrade or re-deploy your service in the cloud.


To verify the fix has been applied:


Check the version number of 'Windows Azure SDK' after upgrading to this refresh, as displayed under 'Programs and Features'. It should be1.3.20121.1237.


[Updated 02/04/2011]

- I have seen a few engineers reported problem during installation with individual 32bit or 64bit links i.e. ,missing MSI or update failed.

- In one instance I have seen the same problem and here is what I have done to overcome this problem:

This should solve your problem.

Comments (3)

  1. Corrado Cavalli says:

    Hi Avkash,

    Can't install 64bit update since i have a "missing msi" error while running the SDK Upgrade.

    Currently installed versions are SDK: 1.3.11122.038 Tools: 1.3.31122.1601


  2. Ryan R says:

    Links don't seem to be for the correct files. I've upgraded, uninstalled & reinstalled the SDK several times, with both the 'full refresh' and '64bit upgrade link', nothing results in the version number in 'Programs and Features' changing.

  3. Miroslav Sekera says:


    I installed the new version,

    but there is still the bug "dfloadbalancer.exe crashes with Windows Azure Tools 1.3"

    more at…/741c34d9-af27-4617-aa6e-05fec288648f


    Miroslav Sekera

    NineBytes s.r.o.


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