Windows Azure VM Role – Handling Error : The VHDs logical size of 130048MB exceeds the system maximum of 66560MB

Once you have VM role enabled
with your subscription, you can start working on VM Role using the step by step
guide provided as below:


 After finished creating your VHD for VMRole, and
uploading using CSUPLOAD script, you may receive the following error:


Reason: This is
because your VM size if 128GB which is not supported for VM Role. If you have
use Hypervisor to create default size VHD, you are out of luck. The maximum VHD
size suppored is 64GB and if you have 30+GB VHD, it will work with Small,
Medium, Large and Extra Large VM instances.


Solution: Please
create a VHD size under or up to 64GB so you will not get this error.



Comments (4)
  1. freak says:

    hi, I have a vhd of size 10.7 GB and still i get the same error. Looks like some issue with the decimal value in the csupload validation?

  2. Labarron Consulting says:

    I also have a vhd of size 2.48 GB and still get the error above.

  3. Sigh... says:

    It's not the actualy size of the VHD file.. it's the logical definition of the 'disk' within the virtual machine..

    Sigh.. time to unpack the sysprep again…

  4. Mika Virkkunen says:

    Hi, Probably easiest method is to use VHD Resizer!

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