Windows Azure Companion for PHP – December 2010 CTP released

Today Windows Azure Interoperability team released updated Windows Azure Companion for PHP which is based on new Azure SDK 1.3 WOW!!!

The amazing Windows
Azure Companion
- December
2010 CTP
release is now available for immediate download.

This release includes following new great features:


  • Built using Windows Azure SDK 1.3Preview
  • Uses Full IIS for admin and PHP web sites.
  • SSL support admin and PHP w sites. There are two
    separate projects for SSL and non-SSL.
  • RDP support is also available with SSL enabled
    companion. Single certificates used for SSL and RDP
  • Exposes WCF service that can be used to
    programmatically perform operations done by the admin web site. One can
    automate PHP application installation on Windows Azure. The endpoints of this
    WCF service is as follows. You need to use same admin credentials to
    authenticate with this WCF service. SSL support is also available for this WCF

    • Without SSL: http://****
    • With SSL: https://****


The direct link for the Azure PHP Companion is as below:

The following long “Advanced
Windows Azure Companion Guide
” is still based on SDK 1.2 and i will spend some time later to update it for 1.3. The content material is still fully relevant:




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