Great Article on Windows Azure Table Storage : "How to get most out of Windows Azure Tables"

If you have a Windows Azure service and your Azure services is accessing Windows Azure Table Storage quite enough, it is possible that you may have encountered the following issues:

  1. Random slow connection to Azure Storage
  2. "Error 503: Server is Busy"
  3. Connection timeout issue
  4. A DataServiceQueryException with error code “ResourceNotFound"
  5. How to work with InvalidOperationException exception
  6. How to scale your tables to handle your very high (200+ hits per seconds) access requirement
  7. You have always thought "what the best practices are, to consume Azure Storage" specific to " Azure table" context.

Very recently, Azure Storage team have written an amazing blog to provide a detailed information on above issues as well as lot more:

Please visit the blog title "How to get most out of Windows Azure Tables"


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