New Azure Management Portal and new Cloud Tool SDK 1.3 is released!!

Cloud Tools 1.3, Cloud SDK, and documentation download link: Cloud SDK 1.3 Details: New Management Portal: (Note you can still use the old Azure Management Portal for at least next couple of months) I am working on a few new tutorials and will start publish them soon one by one…    


Handling "System.AppDomainUnloadedException was unhandled" exception in Windows Azure service

  When running a web service application Windows Azure development fabric, in some cases you may hit the following error:    System.AppDomainUnloadedException was unhandled  Message: Attempted to access an unloaded AppDomain.     This issues has been discussed in details in Azure forums:   First I would say that there could be several different reasons…


Collecting Azure Diagnostic logs in real time directly from Azure Storage

The objective here is to take advantage of Azure Diagnostics functionality to collect Azure Service logs in very simple way. To make it very simple we will run this cloud service on development fabric however the diagnostic data will be stored on Azure Storage. We will use Cerebrate Cloud Storage Studio tool to access to…


Great Article on Windows Azure Table Storage : "How to get most out of Windows Azure Tables"

If you have a Windows Azure service and your Azure services is accessing Windows Azure Table Storage quite enough, it is possible that you may have encountered the following issues: Random slow connection to Azure Storage “Error 503: Server is Busy” Connection timeout issue A DataServiceQueryException with error code “ResourceNotFound” How to work with InvalidOperationException…


Adding SSL (HTTPS) security with Tomcat/Java solution in Windows Azure

Once you have your Tomcat/Java based solution running on port 80 in Windows Azure you may decide to add HTTP endpoint to it or by the start of your service development you want to support HTTP and HTTPS endpoint with your Tomcat/Java service. To add a HTTPS endpoint to regular .net based service is very…


Two new whitepapers on Windows Azure

Recently during PDC10 a lots new features and details surfaced about Windows Azure. If you want to collect all the info, Windows Azure team released two very new white papers as below: 1. Introducing Windows Azure  2. Introducing the Windows Azure Platform Get both of them while they are hot.    


Uploading a blob to Azure Storage with progress bar and variable upload block size

Recently there were a few questions on uploading large blobs to Azure storage along with upload progress. I decided to write a sample and share with everyone so we all can take advantage of it. The sample is attached below. The sample is strictly shared for educational purposes. The sample walkthrough is as below: 1….