Windows Azure Tomcat Solution Accelerator: Full Solution Document

You can use Tomcat/Java in Windows Azure and you can get "Windows Azure Tomcat Solution Accelerator" from the link below:

I have created a 65 document to explain in details about Solution Accelerator usage and how you can publish Tomcat/Java solution on Windows Azure using it. The contents of this document are as below:


  1. Tomcat, Java and Tomcat Azure Solution Installation
    1. Tomcat
    2. Java
    3. Tomcat Solution Accelerator
  2. Understanding Tomcat Solution Accelerator Source
  3. Building Tomcat Azure Solution
    1. Build Details
    2. A very common error
  4. Tomcat Azure Solution Execution
    1. Development Fabric
    2. Windows Azure
  5. Making modification in the Tomcat code
  6. Tomcat Solution Diagnostics
    1. Error Logging
    2. Viewing Log Files
  7. Adding Java/JSP Solution to Tomcat
  8. Adding SSL Security to Tomcat Solution (HTTPS)
  9. Individualize the Tomcat Solution

The above contents are available in the attached document.  The document "Tomcat Solution in Windows Azure.pdf" is available in the below RSS link.


Tomcat Solution in Windows Azure.pdf

Comments (5)

  1. Arora S says:

    Avkash , does this accelerator support SDK 1.3/4 and .Net framework 4.0.

    or do you have any idea if accelerator team plans any upgrade if it is not supported already.


  2. Arora S, Today I tested the same solution with SDK 1.4 and .net 4 and I used Tomcat 7.0.5. It does works fine and the final site is available at I am in process to publish the full solution at Codeplex by end of this week.



  3. TOMCAT on AZURE - problem Busy/Aborted/Busy/Aborted/Busy/Aborted/ says:

    I would like to deploy TOMCAT application on AZURE i followed by this instrucions…/Tomcat-Solution-in-Windows-Azure.pdf but AZURE instance doesn't start. It has state Busy/Aborted/Busy/Aborted/Busy/Aborted/…. with this error:

    Role instances recycled for a certain amount of times during an update or upgrade operation. This indicates that the new version of your service or the configuration settings you provided when configuring the service prevent role instances from running. The most likely reason for this is that your code throws an unhandled exception. Please consider fixing your service or changing your configuration settings so that role instances do not throw unhandled exceptions. Then start another update or upgrade operation. Until you start another update or upgrade operation, Windows Azure will continue trying to update your service to the new version or configuration you provided

    I am useing SDK 1.6 and TOMCAT version 7.0.23, jre

    Any idea what to do?

  4. sunil says:

    It shows internal server error while accessing the JSP after installing Tomcat. Is that related with

    <a href="">Java Hosting</a> apps permissions or tomcat instance?

  5. sunil says:

    It shows internal server error while accessing the JSP after installing Tomcat. Is that related with server ( ) permissions or tomcat instance?

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