Windows Azure Companion for PHP: Common Errors


Windows Azure Companion for PHP
is a great solution to publish PHP bases service on Windows Azure just in a few
clicks. The solution is ready to publish on Azure with a little modification to
service configuration file (cscfg) and you can get this solution from the link

When using Windows Azure
Companion for PHP from the link below you might encounter the following errors:

[Error: 1] Service does not show any content

Reason: It means the PHP is not configured yet.

Solution: Please configure the PHP Runtime first to get the PHP Working on
your Service.


[Error: 2] HTTP Error 404.0 - Not found

You could meet above error when launching your PHP based service.

Reason: The VHD could not mount that’s why the files are not available.


1.       Make sure that your Azure Storage used in this PHP solution, must not be
used in other PHP solutions otherwise the VHD may be mounted with other service
and you could not use in this service

2.       If you have verified that
this is the only service use the VHD and if you still see the error then give
some time to get the VHD mounted. I found that sometime the VHD mount takes
longer than expected and it could cause this error.


[Error: 3] “Installation Failed Error: Could not find a
part of the path ‘B:\php’

When you try to install any application or utility from PHP Administration
site you might get above error.

Reason: It means you are hitting error #2.


1.       Try to check if the service is active using service web url as:


2.       Follow all other suggestions
given in error #2.



Comments (2)
  1. Mark Brandon says:

    I installed WAC, and then Drupal 7, and then the PivotViewer Module within Drupal.  When I rebooted the instance, I get the following message:

    "Windows Azure Drive is not mounted. Please make sure that Windows Azure storage settings are correct in ServiceConfiguration.cscfg file and the page blob specified in 'XDrivePageBlobName' settings is not locked by any application (including another instance of Windows Azure Companion). Please restart the service in Windows Azure portal after releasing the page blob lock."

    I verified that my cscfg file had the correct name and key settings.  I also verified that the backup.vhd file was unlocked.  I have no other instance of WAC.  Any ideas?  I seem to be stumping Azure support as well.

  2. Hello Mark,

    Recently I found that drive mount is taking longer then expected time and it could cause this issue ans there is Mount timeout.

    What you can do it, enable RDP access to your VM and then use MountvhdazureVM

    ( tool written by me, to check how long it take to mount the VHD in your VM. This is just a test, to verify the environment and mount time in general. If all settings are well then try a few times and i found it does work. Due to these issues, I don't believe companion as the best solution so far.

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