Silverlight RPG: Steel Saga

My friend Darren who wrote the hilarious Buddy Knavery game has released a preview of his new project called Steel Saga. It’s an old-style RPG written in Silverlight, and seems quite deep. At the moment there are only two “zones” (one outdoor and one dungeon), but Darren hates having a life, and is going…


Silverlight Game Contest: $5000 prize

The site is a little low on details/rules, but the prize seems pretty sweet:  


[The Global] War On Terrier

I mentioned in the last series of posts that I’d written a small Silverlight game for an internal competition. Well, I’m finally able to put it online, here it is: It’s very similar to the old Worms games (which I love!), but much simpler. The reason I used puppies? Because my colleague suggested “War…


Trivial Physics Simulations (…in Silverlight) – Part 5

The finished product: I’m having trouble finding a way to embed the SL app inside this page, so let’s see if this works (c’mon, skydrive!): CLICK HERE TO SEE THE APP IN ACTION. And download the solution from here:   Taking it Further Particle systems are the basis for lots of very high tech graphics…


Trivial Physics Simulations (…in Silverlight) – Part 4

Tying it all together has zip to do with the physics simulation, but there are a couple of interesting bits which I’ll paste into here. The rest you can grab from the solution that I’ll post up; feel free to ask questions. The Game Loop The heart of the app is a method call which…


Trivial Physics Simulations (…in Silverlight) – Part 3

So now that we have vectors, we need to do something with them. We’re going to use the concept of a Particle. This is supposed to represent a tiny object in our world that is affected by physics. For this reason, it has a position, velocity, acceleration, etc. For starters, let’s define the basic particle:…


Trivial Physics Simulations (…in Silverlight) – Part 2

If you know how vectors work, this isn’t going to be interesting. If you’ve never seen one before, I’ll try to keep it simple. Keep in mind that throughout this post I’m talking in 2 dimensions. The same stuff applies for 3D work; you’d just add another variable (the Z component) to the vectors. A…


Trivial Physics Simulations (…in Silverlight) – Part 1

Table of Contents: Part 1: Introduction to simple physics and vectors. Part 2: Details of the Vector2D class. Part 3: The Particle class and basic physics-based motion. Part 4: Tying it all together. Part 5: The finished product, and “what next…?” Introduction I recently wrote a small Silverlight game for an internal competition and a…


Buddy Knavery – The Killer Riffs

Some Silverlight goodness. My friend Darren wrote this amazing game that has strong ties to those 90’s adventure games that I miss; Kings|Space|Police Quest, Leisure Suit Larry, etc. Writing a game engine is one thing, but doing all the artwork & scripting while holding down a full time job (at MS, no less) is quite…