Windows Phone: Taking screenshots for marketplace submissions

When you submit your application to the marketplace, there’s an option for including screenshots. However, your submission will be rejected if the screenshots aren’t exactly to spec: They must be 480x800, and not include any of the emulator chrome.

Taking a specific snippet is difficult because you either have to manually select just the right area, or to resize things after the fact. Here’s the easy way:

  1. Set the emulator window to 100% size, so that it uses a 1:1 pixel ratio.
  2. Start the Windows Snipping tool.
  3. The “New” button has a dropdown beside it. Change it to “Window Snip”.
  4. Click once within your emulator window.

The emulator has an internal window for the phone screen, so you end up with a perfect 480x800 sized screen cap.

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  1. Flip says:

    Very cool Avi. I have a blog about this which might help shed some light for your readers.…/Default.aspx

    I have some screen shots doing exactly what you're outlining, step by step!  I also include some, uh…..hhhmmm "alternatives" which some people might "think" will work and reasons why not. LOL

    If your readers know exactly what you're talking about, GREAT!  If they're looking for a bit more information, check out my blog.  Hope you don't mind me commenting like this?  I found this question making the rounds and your solution is spot on the best and cheapest solution.  I just expanded on it.

    Have a good day.

  2. AviP says:

    Nice one Peter, your entry is very clear with the included pictures; thanks!

  3. Cory Smith says:

    I wrote an easy to use tool that allows you to take these types of screenshots but also allows you to take screenshots with the device included.  These are great for marketing shots and presentations!

    Here's the link to my blog post so you can download it :

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