Teacher Dashboard makes it easy for teachers to share content and organise their students in Office 365

Wish it were easier to share files from OneDrive with your students? Want to easily share files with specific groups of students? How about set assignments, provide feedback and grade assignments all from within Office365?  If you want to make the most of the powerful functionality that Office 365 offers, you need the Teacher Dashboard.

What is the Teacher Dashboard?

Teacher Dashboard is a web-based tool that has been designed to complement Office 365 and allow teachers to get the most out of their school's Microsoft Office 365 and SharePoint (Sites) environments. With Teacher Dashboard it is child's play to monitor and manage student OneDrive files and folders individually or en masse; distribute/collect/mark assignments and see an aggregated real-time view of their OneDrive folders organised by class, or by groups within or across classes.

Teacher Dashboard doesn't change your underlying Office 365 or SharePoint instance in any way - it adds a layer over the top to allow teachers to easily and more efficiently manage their students' work. It is deployed as a SharePoint application on your tenant and so is fully synchronised with your SharePoint data. This integration means install (or removal) is a breeze and switching between your Office 365 applications and Teacher Dashboard is seamless.

The Benefits:

The Teacher Dashboard is an indispensable tool for teachers who use Microsoft Office 365 in the classroom. The benefits include:

  • Flexible group management within your class or the entire school and faculty
  • Browse, edit or upload documents with a single click
  • Instant document distribution to individuals or groups
  • Navigate student's folders directly from your dashboard
  • Logical, automatic folder structure for both students and teachers
  • Collated view of all students’ assignments and marks
  • Powerful filters, searches and aggregated views
  • Track student activity and engagement at a glance
  • Collaborate with other teachers

But its not only for teachers, there are a lot of benefits for students too.  Including:

  • Students can submit their completed assignments online
  • An automatically created folder structure to help keep their work organised
  • Makes remote submission of homework easier

Easy to use

“I have been using the Teacher Dashboard for some time now and I am really impressed with how easy it is to use.

Perhaps its because the interface is familiar, but uploading and sharing files is a breeze.  You can upload one or more files from your local PC to your OneDrive without leaving the Dashboard. Copy your files into existing student folders or create new folders on-the-fly. Share with an individual student, a custom defined group of students, an entire class or the whole school.

An intuitive interface allows you to quickly create groups and then add students to those groups and classes. It’s easy to create as many custom groups as you need. No need to wait on your IT department to create the custom group you need, you have complete control of how you organise your students.”

What are the major features?

The Teacher dashboard comes with a rich feature set that is being added to all the time in response to feedback (contact the Teacher Dashboard team if you want to suggest new features). The Teacher Dashboard currently provides:

  • File-sharing. One click sharing to multiple students, 
  • Assignments. Setup assignments, distribute them to your students, collect and mark them - all from a simple to use, intuitive interface
  • Mobile ready. Use on tablets, smartphones, or your desktop PC. All you need is an Internet connection.
  • Group Management. Define your own groups. e.g. by subject, ability or year group with just one click.
  • Birds Eye View. See the contents of all your students' OneDrives in a single view.
  • Cloud hosted application. Hosted application means no software to install, and you can be using instantly.

See more about Teacher Dashboard 365 at their website here.

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