Easy Flipped Learning with Office Mix

Flipped Learning is becoming a popular strategy in many classrooms. When we flip our classroom, we make way for face-to-face time to be about deep discussion, questioning and thinking.

Did you know that Microsoft Office has the perfect tool for creating flipped content for your classroom that can feed back analytics and student understanding? To add to this it’s all part of Office PowerPoint 2013, it’s free and is really easy to use.

What is Office Mix?

Office Mix offers a free solution to the creation of flipped learning tutorials and content. The whole workflow from creation to assessment can be achieved through this one tool. Below is an example workflow that educators may use.


Watch the video below to get a full explanation how Office Mix can enhance Flipped Learning in your classroom


How do I get started with Office Mix?

The only thing you need to get started is Office 2013. Download and install Office Mix via this link. Once installed it is access via a new ‘Office Mix’ tab inside PowerPoint.


Create a Tutorial

Once you have prepared your PowerPoint that you want to make the base of your tutorial follow the steps below:

  1. Click on the Mix tab in PowerPoint
  2. Click on Record
  3. Turn on camera, or leave it off if you do not need to record yourself
  4. Talk your way through your presentation, annotating with the pen if you wish
  5. Click Stop and Close
  6. Your session has been recorded


Add interactive components

  1. Add a new slide wherever you want an interactive activity
  2. Go to one of these slides
  3. Choose ‘Quizzes Videos and Apps’ in Mix tab
  4. Choose the component you want to use
  5. ‘Trust it’ when asked
  6. Use it in your tutorial

NB – you will be able to access and down load an excel file of student responses to the quiz components via your Mix Dashboard.

Create a screencast

Use this to record other software programs or how-to guides using anything you have open on your desktop. There are no learning analytics on this use of Office Mix.

  1. Open a new document in Office PowerPoint and choose the Mix tab
  2. Choose ‘Screen Recording’
  3. Choose with or without audio
  4. Choose the area of your screen that you will record
  5. Click record
  6. Once done click stop
  7. Insert the screen recording into a PowerPoint, or choose ‘no’ and save as an Mp4 file to use as needed.


Edit and Upload your Mix

  1. Choose ‘Preview’ to check through your tutorial
  2. To edit your mix, click on any individual slide and re-record just that section as needed.
  3. Once done, preview for a final time
  4. Click upload
  5. Sign into an Office account (the same details you used to subscribe to your Office software, or that you use for Windows 8 Devices)
  6. Follow the steps to upload
  7. At the end of this process you will be provided the link to your mix. You can then share this with however you need. You can also embed you Mix in other sites.


Access your Office Mix Learning Analytics

Once you have shared the link for your Mix with students, you may want to check in on their progress. You can do this via the Office Mix website

  1. Revisit Office Mix website and login
  2. Choose My Mixes
  3. Choose uploaded Mixes from the left hand tab
  4. Navigate to the mix you wish to check in on, and choose from Details, Analytics, Download presentation, Download video or delete.
  5. To download the analytics in an Excel Spreadsheet choose the little ‘X’ icon near the top right hand side of your mix slides view.



What makes most sense to me about using Office Mix, is that you don’t have to spend hours creating and sharing content for your flipped classroom. Instead, you can spend your time planning for discussion and higher order activities back in your classroom.


How have you used Office Mix? What success have you had? Share with us in the comments below.


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