Power up your PowerPoints with Office Mix

Want to create videos of your presentation or desktop? Want to get instant snapshots of student understanding as you present content? How about implementing Flipped Classroom pedagogy but struggling to find simple tools to help you? Office Mix is just what you need.

“Office Mix was designed to enable teachers (or anyone who presents) to take a PowerPoint document, and mix it into an interactive, playable document that can be viewed on almost any device, anywhere with an internet connection.”

 Office Mix is a new PowerPoint plugin that helps you to:

  • Record and sharepresentations
  • Create interactive quizzes, insert apps and webpages throughout your PowerPoint
  • Collect data on student answers and task completion

 Below are three ways you can use this powerful, but simple tool to engage your students.

1. Create a recorded session of your presentation and share it online, without needing YouTube.

Simply turn on the record button to record just your presentation, or choose ‘screen record’ to capture any program you have running. Combined with OneNote and an inking pen, this is a great way to record Maths tutorials. If you make a mistake when recording, no worries, you can always re-record just the slide you want.

2. Engage students through interactive quizzes and questions. When hosted online students can answer these during the presentation.

You can easily insert true / false, multiple choice, multiple response or free response questions, and polls at the appropriate place in your presentations. Students see if their answers are correct straight away, and when hosted online, you can access the data from student answers to understand how well students have grasped the concept you are explaining. This is also great for making revisions tests for students.

Office Mix has another great function - to insert activities and videos from the Kahn Academy and CK-12 Repository. This is a great way to add more depth to your presentation.

Once you have constructed your presentation and added the recording or interactive components, you can upload it to a Microsoft hosted space and share the link to your class. Too easy!

3. Evaluate student responses with near instant data to show understanding of topics and concepts introduced through the presentation.

After you have uploaded and shared your presentation you can easily access the data collected from your students. How long has it taken them on an easy slide? What answers did they get correct? How did they interact with your presentation? This is such a wonderful way to get a snapshot of student progress and learning analytics for the flipped and blended learning classroom.

To install this plugin, head over to the Office Mix website.

Once done, be sure to share back with us how this tool has impacted student learning in your classroom. We’d love to hear.


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