Workflows for the Tablet Classroom: Create an Interactive Book

Next in this series of Windows 8 Workflows for the Classroom, we will focus on creating interactive books. This is a great activity for students from Stage 2 – 6 (Year 2 – 12). Creating interactive books uses a variety of skills and develops students understanding of multimodal product creation.

Workflow 3: Create an Interactive Book that includes images, audio and video.

Skills Development:

  • Multimodal product publishing
  • Digital literacy
  • Literacy
  • Digital Citizenship

Ideas for Classroom Activities

  • Storybooks
  • How-to Guides
  • eTextbooks


You can easily create an interactive book by following the steps below. We recommend that you install the following apps before starting:

These sites are great for finding free Creative Commons licensed images.

 So  there you have it, a simple workflow for creating your own interactive books. Where possible, share student products with an authentic audience to increase engagement for those creating these masterpieces.


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  1. Buck Woody says:

    Awesome – thanks so much for putting this together! I'll be making use of this very soon.

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