Dimension Data ‘Windows Server 2008’ Focus Story in Australia Reseller News by Mike Heald

I’m conducting 7 Windows Server 2008 stories in Australia Reseller News over the next few weeks.  This is the first editorial focusing on the partnership between Dimension Data and La Trobe University..  the objective is to show how other Microsoft partners can benefit from Windows Server 2008 proof of concepts or deployments. Are you ready…


Managing Outlook 2007 Email Via Threaded Conversations by Mike Heald

I managed to figure out an optimal solution for managing the thousands of emails in my inbox, folders and sent email.  Some of you might think I’m crazy but basically you will need to make these fundamental changes: * No use of Folders – Including the Sent Email folder.  * Keep all your email in…


Check out the Forefront Edge Security and Access Demonstration Toolkit by Mike Heald

If you offer messaging or collaboration solutions to your customers, you can now offer secure solutions by attaching Forefront to Exchange or SharePoint server (ISA or Forefront Server). To help you articulate your secure solution, we’ve developed a demonstration tool kit. This demonstration toolkit comprises virtual machine-based demonstrations of ISA Server 2006 and IAG 2007….


Viral Marketing: Spread Your Business Name Like Wildfire by Mike Heald

What is viral marketing and how do companies benefit from this strategy? Viral marketing is strategy that works well in the Internet, where a marketing message can easily and quickly grow from small to very big without spending as much for advertising purposes. This article talk about how you can spread your business name on…


News on our new SMB Windows Server options by Robbie Upcroft

This is an important announcement for SBSCs – all about our new midsized and small business servers. Great business opportunities! “REDMOND, Wash. — Feb. 20, 2008 — To help small and midsize organizations improve business efficiency, increase productivity and drive growth, Microsoft Corp. introduced the Windows Essential Server Solutions family of products, built on Windows…


Improving the Windows Vista experience for you and your customers: Attention Action Pack Subscribers by Robbie Upcroft

Microsoft is always looking for ways to improve our programs and products to help Partners sustain business profitability for long-term success. We have been working hard to improve Microsoft Windows Vista, culminating in the upcoming Windows Vista Service Pack 1 (SP1). Here’s what you can expect from us over the next few months: Delivery of…


How do you win new clients and build your business? by Mike Heald

I found this article written with the objective of helping you win new clients and building your business.  There are some excellent points in this article – especially around the sales acceleration area. http://smallbusiness.ninemsn.com.au/article.aspx?id=229907