Welcome to the Microsoft Australia Partner blog. This blog is dedicated to Microsoft Australia Partners of all levels to provide insight into the world of Microsoft and to share relevant and critical information to meet your business needs. We welcome your comments, thoughts and questions on this blog.

Introduction to the Partner Team

Sarah ArnoldPartner Capability Development Manager – my role is to build Partner capabilities through training and readiness of Microsoft products and solutions.

Jack Pilon – Microsoft Partner Network Lead, – My role is to ensure Australian Partners have access to the benefits, support and engagement required to grow their business and take advantage of emerging opportunities.

Marnie FulmerPartner Channel Marketing Manager – My role is to provide you relevant, timely content and resources to help support your business and your customers in Australia via our digital channels (like this one).

Rob EvansThrough Partner Marketing Manager – My role is to invest in and to assist partners to create market demand for combined partner and Microsoft offerings through effective inbound and outbound marketing activities.

Luke DebonoPartner Profitability Lead – co-founder of incredibleresults – my role is to create, manage and deliver a programme for the year to help Partner increase value.

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