Microsoft to discontinue Essential Business Server

  Microsoft will discontinue future development of Essential Business Server, effective June 30th, 2010.  A few points about this announcement:   Microsoft remains fully committed to small and medium-sized businesses and our Partners who serve them The technology capabilities many midsize businesses are turning to (such as virtualisation, management, and cloud computing) are already available…

Government announces NBN mainland trial sites

The Australian Government yesterday announced trial sites for their NBN role out. This presents a great opportunity for Microsoft Partners thinking about delivering Online or Hosted services to regional area’s ‘THE federal government’s NBN Co has called on companies to start designing its $43 billion high-speed fibre-optic national broadband network on mainland Australia. The technical…

NSW Regional Road Show for SMB Partners – Register today!

  Dates are now locked in for the NSW Regional Road Show for SMB Partners. Locations, dates and times below, please follow the below link to register Event content will be.. • Building your business: SMB opportunities • Technology Overview: Enterprise solutions for SMB • Licensing Overview Event Locations: Draft Dates & Time

Microsoft unveils its new Windows Phone 7

Microsoft unveiled its new Windows Phone 7 Series yesterday at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain. Check out the video below, this is a great step towards our vision of three (3) screens and the cloud. The new fully integrated mobile phone experience will be available in US stores this fall ( Aus Spring), said…

Microsoft coming to a town near you (Regional NSW)

  Microsoft will be hosting partner events across NSW in the coming months, our aim is to travel to >20 Sydney metro and regional areas across NSW and southern QLD. I will be making time to meet with SMB Partners 1:1 in area’s I will be visiting, and hosting 12 events across the below locations….

Announcing LicenseWise v6.0 – New Features & Functionality Available Now!

I wanted to let you know the next generation of Microsoft LicenseWise on-line licensing configurator is now available! LicenseWise provides a “one-stop shopping” experience for all licensing information, configuration, and quotes, and we’ve made significant investments to enhance LicenseWise to further simplify licensing and ensure excellent partner experience.             

How did you celebrate the launch of Windows 7?

I was lucky enough to host my own Windows 7 Party with family and friends on Sunday, yesterday I was at one of our Distributers celebrating, I think i ate seven cakes! (and one to many green slushies) Microsoft celebrating… 1)CFO Chris Liddell rang the NASDAQ bell from Redmond Thursday morning, opening the market on…


The Microsoft Store – Is it true??

Many articles and blogs have talked about Microsoft entering the retail market through it’s own flagship stores for some time now. I recently came across this article on the ‘GIZMODO’ site (posted 24th Jul 09) See article here.. You can view the entire presentation on the right hand side of the article. What do you…