SAP on Azure Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT) workshop

You’re invited to attend an SAP on Azure Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT) workshop.

The SAP on Azure VILT workshop is specially designed for Enterprise/Data Architects to enable them to design and architect innovative, agile business solutions using the SAP platform on Microsoft Azure.

This workshop is delivered in partnership with Intel®.

Workshop highlights

  • Series of ten virtual seminars designed to empower attendees with crucial concepts and value propositions of Microsoft Azure in the context of SAP landscapes.
  • At the end of each two-hour session, participants will have gained an understanding of each topic.
  • Delivered online across two different time zones on the same day for the benefit of participants spread across the globe.
  • Time zones: 7 AM to 9 AM PST / 5 PM to 7 PM PST
  • A moderator will answer questions from participants during the presentation, and the presenter will also answer questions during specific times in the delivery.

Workshop agenda

Day Topics Session Details Time Zone AEDT[12PM to 2PM]
Day 1  4th, December 2017 Why move SAP workloads to Azure 1.      Background of SAP and MSFT relationship

2.      Cloud options for SAP workloads

3.      Azure value propositions (HA/DR)

Day 2  5th, December 2017 Azure architecture 1.      Azure Resource manager

2.      Hybrid models

3.      Azure landscape setup for SAP

Day 3  6th, December 2017 Effective MS Azure architecture for SAP Workloads 1.      MS Azure VM

2.      MS Azure Virtual Networks

3.      Azure success stories

Day 4  7th, December 2017 Demo and Discussions Demos of how to create a VM, Resource Group, Availability Set and Azure Infrastructure Basics Register
Day 5  11th, December 2017 Migration of SAP workloads 1.      How to build SAP landscape on Azure

2.      SAP components to consider

3.      Lessons learned from previous installations

Day 6  12th, December 2017 SAP HANA Architecture and Migration of SAP HANA 1.      SAP Silent Install

2.      Large instances of SAP HANA

Day 7  13th, December 2017 Demo and Discussions On-Premises SAP System Assessment Register
Day 8  14th, December 2017 Demo and Discussions Migrate SAP Workloads to MS Azure - Azure SQL server landscape Register
Day 9  18th, December 2017 Demo and Discussions Post Migration Activities Register
Day 10  19th, December 2017 ReCAP and Assessment A summary of what was delivered across the ten sessions is recaptured with a small case study and assessment for the participants Register


Register today!

We look forward to your participation in this interactive, invitation-only event.  Please be advised that this workshop requires a commitment from you to attend from start to finish.

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