Getting started with building or extending a Managed Service practice in Australia

We recently announced the new Managed Services Provider Hub, which provides guidance and resources for building your business by adding managed services to your cloud offering and generating a new revenue stream opportunity.

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The Managed Services Provider Hub has three sections: Get Started, Growth Strategies, and Resources. Within these sections, you will find information and content, including short videos featuring partners with successful managed services practices sharing what they have learned, that can help your business:

  • Understand the opportunity for increased profitability by offering managed services
  • Shift your business model from offering traditional resale and per-project services to more contemporary, cloud-based managed services
  • Use intellectual property (IP) to expand your scope
  • Leverage Microsoft products and programs to optimise your cloud business

To get started, download the Managed Services Partner Guide, which provides an in-depth look at the different aspects of building and implementing a Microsoft practice around managed services. We have identified ten steps, and each of these expands into more detail:

  1. Conduct market research and engage customers
  2. Define your services
  3. Create your business plan
  4. Evaluate tools
  5. Set up pricing models
  6. Go-To-Market (GTM)
  7. Marketing and sales enablement
  8. Differentiate your offerings
  9. Nurture the business
  10. Differentiate your IP

If you have an existing managed services practice and are looking for new managed services ideas to create around Microsoft solutions, download the Microsoft Cloud Profitability Scenarios. Based on scenarios and workloads, you will learn about the market opportunity, see how margins and revenues stack up for project-led versus managed services and get insights for maximising your financial return.

Managed services is not a new business model, but there are plenty of new reasons for Microsoft partners to assess where they are today and take advantage of these resources. There are benefits that come with adopting a cloud-oriented managed services business model. A Microsoft-commissioned study by 451. Research reveals an enormous opportunity for cloud partners to help customers with managed services for their next phase of digital transformation.


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