Sales and Marketing Training – Digital Transformation by Industry courses

We are pleased to announce the new Microsoft: Digital Transformation by Industry courses.   These courses provide participants with an insider-look at the most up-to-date industry trends & opportunities for disruption.  Top experts will share what’s most often keeping their customers up and night, where they see the markets moving, and how customers weigh their options when choosing a cloud provider.  In addition, participants will learn Microsoft’s most compelling stories of digital transformation, hone their own stories, and gain fluency in our industry-specific scaled solutions.  Four courses are currently being offered in this series:




Course Dates:  March 6, 2017 – April 10, 2017

Enrollment Deadline: February 27, 2017


Course Experience & Expectations

Each course is 5 weeks long, entirely online and available on PC, tablet, & mobile phone.  The courses are asynchronous, so participants can participate at a time that is convenient for them.  Participants will be expected to commit 90 to 120 minutes per week watching video lectures, participating in discussion forums, taking quizzes, and completing their weekly assignment.   New content is released each week and participants have until the end of the five weeks to complete their coursework.   The MOOCs will run on the Intrepid platform that C+E has been using to land MOOCs over the course of the year.


Demonstrated Capability & Applied Assignments

To earn a certificate for the courses, participants must earn a passing score on a final assignment that demonstrates their abilities.  Each of the courses has an assignment that is aligned to both the course content as well as a job function (customer planning, developing a pitch, etc.).  Final assignments are peer reviewed by five fellow participants.  Participants who successfully complete the course receive a digital badge they can promote on LinkedIn and other social media.


Who Should Attend

The MOOCs are ideally suited for partners in sales, marketing, or BDM roles who need to get a solid foundational (Level 100/200) on having conversations with BDMs across the four industries (Manufacturing & Resources; retail; consumer goods & hospitality; financial services; and communications & media.


Given the collaborative nature of selling, leaders are strongly encouraged to take the course together along with their full account teams.  The courses will include opportunities for account teams to work together to determine how to best address their customers’ challenges.  While team participation is not required for the course, it is highly encouraged.


Partners should attend the course that covers the industry in which they have the greatest concentration of accounts.  Given the significant time commitment, sellers are strongly discouraged from taking more than one course at a time.


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