The numbers don’t lie. 9 facts that prove IT Certification works.

Without hesitation, most organisations understand the value of knowledge. It can help attract and retain exceptional talent; it can jimmy open doors to new opportunities; it can add lustre to a company’s reputation. All true. All powerful.

But for those of us working in IT, we need something a bit more substantial; empirical proof; hard facts that support soft beliefs. So here they are. Nine truths – most backed by stats – that prove beyond a shadow of a doubt IT Certification is one of the smartest policies your organisation can pursue.

  1. Employees are more productive. And not by a little bit, either. Accredited employees are up to a whopping 90% more productive compared to their non-certified peers.
  2. Actually, employees are seriously productive. Employers like you will always pick new hires with accreditation over those that don’t. Why? Simple. They hit the ground running and are viewed as fully productive an entire month earlier than their uncertified peers.
  3. Employees are efficiency machines. Not only are accredited employees more prolific, they’ve been measured as being 60% more efficient than non-certified colleagues.
  4. They double down on output. Certified developers make twice as many applications in half the time every year. Seriously impressive numbers by any measure.
  5. They’re more hireable. In some cases, proof of certification has allowed hiring managers to fill positions 25% sooner. A brilliant outcome for all concerned.
  6. They’re worth it. Microsoft certified technologists can expect to earn 15% more than their uncertified peers. But when you think of the value they bring – higher efficiency, greater output – it’s an investment that will pay itself back many times over.
  7. They are trusted. Certified employees are often entrusted with the supervision of non-certified peers. The result? An overall lift in output quality – the kind that makes your entire organisation shine.
  8. You’ll employ bona-fide stars. Certified technologists advance their careers quickly, becoming qualified leaders on their teams and in their businesses.
  9. It’s a benchmark for quality. With 72% of employers using IT Certification as a requirement for specific roles, certification is no longer an optional extra, but a professional essential. And it means you can sort the wheat from the chaff more efficiently.

Don’t just take my word for it. The statistics mentioned here came from “IT Certifications: Shorter Roads to Valuable Positions”, a comprehensive study conducted by IDC and sponsored by Microsoft. Download the paper now and immerse yourself in its findings.

Keep your eyes open for certification and accreditation opportunities wherever and whenever they arise – like the truly exciting news about the launch of free Azure training courses. Available in a self-paced, interactive online learning environment (as well as certification opportunities at a deep discount), six courses are available right now with many more to follow in the coming weeks and months.

Better yet, book your organisation a spot at Microsoft Ignite Australia. With a full, in-event accreditation academy, it really is the year’s best opportunity for you and your employees to excel in the world’s best industry. And that’s a fact.

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