Guest blog: The shifting B2B marketing landscape – then v.s Now

This blog provides some insights into just some of the content being presented during the Modern Marketing track at APC 2016. Read the article in full here and be sure to check out the track for content to keep your marketing relevant and up-to-date.

As we know, savvy, self-educating buyers, social media and ever-advancing technology have changed and continue to evolve the role of marketing. The modern B2B buyer is self-sufficient, self-assured and very much in control and actively avoid sales conversations; they have access to any information they need at the tap of a screen or keyboard.  New technology gives modern buyers a plethora of options, placing them in complete control.

This means that over time, marketers have had to adapt and develop new outlooks and skill sets – which has by no means come easy. As customers don’t want to have a product pushed on them but instead have a thirst of knowledge via valuable and relevant content, marketers have had to figure out a way to make their company able to engage with in meaningful conversation that is capable of building trust and relationships.

No longer will the biggest budget and the loudest voice sway buyers. Marketers need to ensure your company’s voice is heard above the melee. They must target your message by tailoring it to the specifics of your customer – build a clear picture of them as living, breathing people. What are their interests? What segments do they work in? What are their interests, professional and personal? What are their aims and challenges and how can you help them?

In order to meet the new needs of the modern market, whole-business marketing now needs to be a focus, rather than departments working in isolation. Engaging the needs of the modern buyer requires everyone sharing their knowledge and expertise – sales, product, service and technical.

To read the article in full visit the Mogrify website, and be sure to attend the sessions which explore these key themes in much more detail:

·       Forget the buzzwords. In marketing it all comes down to this – Tuesday 6th 10am

·       AND accompanying Masterclass on How to create and ignite your content engine – Wednesday 8th 3pm

·       How to establish your Marketing Strategy and Process – Tuesday 6th 1pm

·       AND accompanying Masterclass Marketing fundamentals: Establishing your marketing strategy and process - 10am Wednesday

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