Guest blog: Resourcing your marketing function: the WHO and HOW

The Modern Marketing track at APC will cover an array of exciting and relevant topics that every Business Leader and Marketer should be aware of including content, social media, strategy, resourcing and analytics.

This blog is a summary of the article on Mogrify’s website which is focused on the session "To hire or not to hire. The face of the modern marketing team" which runs on Thursday 8th at 11:30am, which Mogrify are hosting along with three Partners.

Evolving buyer behaviour, new technology and new business models means that the competitive landscape is changing faster than ever. To stay relevant, businesses need to place more focus and emphasis on the marketing department than ever before. Not only that, but the marketing function needs to adapt to engage other parts of the business, using and highlighting the whole company’s unique experience and knowledge. Constructing the marketing team, and finding the right resources, with the right skills, is central to success.

As a result of these changes, the role of the marketer has dramatically changed, now being expected to understand traditionally “foreign” disciplines such as data, analytics and technology - as well as being expected to drive the whole organisation into new areas such as digital marketing. It’s no wonder many Partners are struggling to find the right people to join their marketing teams.

So how do you best structure an effective marketing team? What skillsets do you need? Which specialist areas should you hire first? Do you hire people or do you use an external marketing company? In the panel session, we discuss the WHO and the HOW as well as taking a look at three real Partner stories and how they have gone about resourcing their marketing function.

In the meantime, read the article in full here and if you haven’t yet registered for APC, don’t delay – there is still time, and we hope to see you at one of our sessions.

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