What’s in store at this year’s Australia Partner Conference?

Plans for APC 2016 are well and truly underway. But before I delve into what’s in store for you at the Gold Coast from the 5 – 8 September, I’d like to revisit something I discussed at last year’s conference.

During my opening keynote, I talked about the IDC and their prediction that the Australian public cloud market would grow to an annual run rate of over $2 billion. Well, it’s only been six months, and we’re already seeing this come true with startling accuracy.

The cloud is changing technology at great speed, and the world of business operations is unrecognisable compared to only a few years ago. It’s becoming clear to me that the cloud is now the primary choice of delivery platform for Australian IT businesses and one way to really ride this wave of change is to take advantage of everything APC has to offer.

Now, more than ever before, the contacts you make and the technology you uncover will define your future. I believe that it’s no exaggeration to suggest that APC 2016 will be integral to your business success over the next 12 months, and here’s why:

1. It’s uniquely Australian

There’s no denying that one of the major reasons to attend APC is the extensive networking opportunity available. Nobody knows the Australian business landscape like our Partners. And nothing comes close to the power of having so many of you under one roof, at one time. Combine this with over 300 Microsoft Australia team members – from sales support to division heads – and the potential to build new alliances, strengthen strategic partnerships and grasp local, national and global opportunities becomes astronomical.

2. It’s fully immersive

Finding the time to focus on business and personal development is challenging. I know as well as anyone that when it comes to choosing between spending time on my needs and my partners’, there really is no choice. The partner always comes first. But here’s the thing: furthering my own development always results in my partners’ getting what they need too.

We received nothing but positive feedback from our 1,200 plus delegates regarding last year’s format, so we’ve decided to keep it at four days. During this period, you’ll hear from stellar speakers handpicked for their ability to motivate and inspire. You’ll be among the first to see the newest Microsoft products and solutions. And to top it all, you’ll be right next to the opinions that count in our intimate roundtable discussions with important thought leaders from your field.

3. It’s entirely productive

A key theme that continues to emerge at APC is how to evolve your business model. While this may seem somewhat repetitive, I can assure you that it’s extremely valuable and necessary.

APC is the best forum in which to define and develop a profitable business model for the year ahead. We’ll show you how to hone your skills across marketing, sales and technology; pressure-test sales strategies; uncover your niche; and delve deep into core areas that support your business growth.

I know that last year I said APC 2015 would be the biggest and best we’ve ever seen, but I’m confident when I say that this year we’ll surpass it. I can’t wait to see you there.

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