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I wanted to share with you my top tips for Partners engaging with Microsoft Australia; The sheer size of Microsoft and the range of our product offerings means that sometimes it can be frustrating trying to work out how you get connected directly to the Microsoft team. The good news is that we’re here to help and this post should help you navigate the teams at a local level in Australia finding the right way to engage with Microsoft.

Before revealing my little black book - the no. 1 question we get when speaking with Partners is "How do I get an account manager - I want a single person", the fact is we only have this type of engagement for around 1% of our Partner base in Australia.  So if this is your goal, It's really important to understand the Microsoft membership levels - your focus should be working toward obtaining Gold Competencies attainment across the Cloud Competencies & If you are succeeding in the cloud, we want to know about you! That’s why Digital Partner of Record  is critical, as it ensures you get seen by Microsoft as a successful Cloud Partner.

If having an account manager is not your thing, but you want to stay connected here is my Little Black Book to Microsoft Australia

CONTACT 1 - For all related Microsoft Partner Network (MPN) questions around membership, benefits, access, associating to your organisation contact the Regional Service Centre on 132058 (options 2-4-1), check out the Top Partner Questions on MPN or review Partner 101.

CONTACT 2  - Connect with the local Microsoft Partner Network Team - we are here to create a great connected experience for you both in-person and digitally - we produce programs like Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC), Australia Partner Conference (APC), NEXT and all in-person training and readiness.

CONTACT 3 - Connect with our SMB Partner Channel Development Manager (PCDM) this team is designed to stay connected with you if you’re located in Perth, Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney to provide help with your cloud transformation.

CONTACT 4 - For Product/specialised areas we have some sub groups with our Local Partner Yammer Group 

The rest of the areas you can simply #tag your questions and it will get directed to the right area

 Specialised Portals;

Due to the fast paced world we all live in - people move and things change, the best advice for all Partners that want to stay connected with Microsoft:

1. Engage in our Programs that we have built for you like  NEXT.

2. Get your employees all signed up to MPN.

3. Ensure your communication setting allow us to contact you.

4. Come and meet with us in-person at events and connect with us on our digital communities Yammer or Twitter

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Last Updated 26/6/2017

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