Are you a sales person? Do you sell Office 365?


Are you currently selling or looking to sell Office 365?

Not everyone is on the same path of his/her Office 365 partner sales journey. But wherever you are along the continuum, Drumbeat can help you start, grow, and optimise your Office 365 sales. The Drumbeat program can help you learn about proven sales best practices, programs, tools, and market insights. The Drumbeat portal is full of resources, that will prepare you to extend your expertise, better serve your SMB, midsize and enterprise customers, and close Office 365 sales faster.



If you have not sold Office 365 then Drumbeat Start is for you! The Drumbeat Start Training will help you make the sale calls comes down to a few key factors: Recognising the opportunity (and acting on it). Knowing the products (and how to articulate their value). Understanding your customers’ challenges (so you can establish trusted relationships). Drumbeat Start partner sales training can help you prepare to help small businesses with the basics and address complex enterprise customer scenarios with value-added solutions. The best part about this training is you can do this in the comfort of your office or home as it is all on demand. If you are focused on the Small Business space check out the on demand training designed for Partners selling to Small Business.



Building on the sales fundamentals that Drumbeat Start gave you. You’re, no doubt, putting your new knowledge to work, so now it is time to learn some more tips and tricks. The in-person Drumbeat Grow training will help you take your Office 365 sales to an entirely new level. Developed by Microsoft training experts and built on solution-selling methodology, highly interactive Drumbeat Grow events provide tools and opportunities to refine and extend your sales skills—so you can transform customer product conversations into insightful, profitable, solution-based business discussions. You’ll learn how to assess customer business needs and to create a customized, compelling Office 365 pitch, tailored to address unique customer challenges. We are travelling around Australia so register now to attend this training in a city near you.



Building on the knowledge you have gained from attending Drumbeat Grow, it is time now to hone your Office 365 sales skills and take a solutions-based approach to solving customer challenges. Join one of our Microsoft Office 365 black belt sales gurus at Drumbeat Optimise as they delve deeper into Office 365 workloads, preparing you to tackle complex customer scenarios and to apply upsell and cross-sell strategies to drive new revenue streams. Register here

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