Discover what’s next for your Business

Discover what's NEXT

Back in December I posted about a great new program starting this year for Australian Partners called NEXT. Now that we are back into the full swing of 2016, it’s time to ensure you're part of it!

Next is a program that will guide you through relevant business strategies, sales approaches & modern marketing practices to enable you to spend more time working on your business rather than in your business.

You’ll hear from industry experts on how to create repeatable solutions for customers, evaluate current marketing efforts and build sales skills in a cloud and mobile first world.


The first webinar kicks off on the 11th February 2016 at 11:00am (Sydney time) - it’s our chance to welcome you to the program and give you a taste of what to expect in the months ahead as well as covering the core topic of the 'Cloud impact and the opportunity' with your host and presenter Luke Debono.

Session details - Cloud impact and the opportunity - With demand for cloud services growing exponentially, the way that you resell vendor products, solutions and services has forever changed. Partners that have seen the greatest success have created repeatable cloud-based solutions using subscription pricing models whist delivering exceptional value to their customers. Learn how to stay the optimum distance ahead of the market to truly capitalise on the cloud opportunity.

If you can't make the time, its ok we will have it on demand for you, but you will need to be registered in order to access it.

Make the most of 2016 and join us to discover what's Next with your customers, with your colleagues and us.





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