From one tech to another – Step into the playground of fun

  Michael Friedrich Microsoft Cloud Solutions Architect Microsoft Australia Personal Blog   They say the apple never falls far from the tree, which is probably why my nine-year old son Riley is passionate about robotic Lego. I can honestly say he plays with his robotic Lego set every day, and interestingly he doesn’t like to…


Best way to promote your partnership with Microsoft

Can I? Can’t I? One of the top questions we get is about whether or not you can use the Microsoft corporate or a Microsoft product logo. There are a very few instances where you may use the corporate logo without a license, and you must always have an express written trademark license to use a Microsoft…

The numbers don’t lie. 9 facts that prove IT Certification works.

Without hesitation, most organisations understand the value of knowledge. It can help attract and retain exceptional talent; it can jimmy open doors to new opportunities; it can add lustre to a company’s reputation. All true. All powerful. But for those of us working in IT, we need something a bit more substantial; empirical proof; hard…

Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference has a new name: Microsoft Inspire!

I am excited to share with you that the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference has a new name: Microsoft Inspire. It’s the great event you our partners know and love, with a brand-new name. Want to know more? Read Gavriella Schuster on blog post on MPN #MSInspire


Control your cloud, optimise your Azure credit usage – Cloud Ctrl offer for Microsoft Partner Network members

Here’s a great offer for Australian Microsoft Partner Network members with Azure credit benefits (Tip: Action Pack and Competency Partners). Take advantage of (Cloud Platform Partner) SixPivot’s Cloud Ctrl to maximise the value of your Azure credit and eliminate bill shock risk. Get in early and receive Managed Service Provider practice development guidance from SixPivot’s CTO. Read on…


Creating Trust in Your Executive Team

Executive teams are challenging to recruit, lead and manage. You want excellent leaders who are also team players. Figureheads who have the common touch. Individuals bold enough to take risks, yet sensible enough not to put their foot in it with the press. When I’m working with executive teams to overcome business challenges, what often…


Introducing Microsoft badges for Microsoft Certified Professionals

Microsoft Certified Professionals who achieve certain certifications or pass selected exams are now awarded Microsoft Certification badges. These web-enabled badges let technical professionals in your partner organisation share their expertise with customers Learn more about Microsoft Certification Badges Give yourself an advantage with a Microsoft Exam replay Certification overview


How to find your own IP

In the technology community we deal in IP every day, and lawyers become very wealthy off the back of ongoing patent wars, but there’s another type of IP that would help us all to be more successful if we understood it better: the unique way in which we each do business. It’s one of the…


Digital transformation in Australia and what it means for our partnership

I hope Satya Nadella’s recent visit to Australia has you excited about what the future holds for our industry and what we – with a combination of Microsoft’s platforms and your solutions – can collectively achieve. If you’ve been tracking the extensive press coverage of Satya’s visit, you’ll know he’s very focused on digital transformation…


November / December 2016 Edition – Hot Sheet Partner Training Schedule

Welcome to the Australia Hot Sheet Training Schedule, for November / December. This is a comprehensive schedule of Australia partner training, webcasts, community calls, and office hours. We will update this post frequently, as we learn about new offerings, so you can plan. We hope this will help you and your team skill up on…