Register now for Drumbeat Road show for Office 365 E5!


We’re hitting the road—and you’re invited!

Excitement is building around the upcoming launch of Office 365 Enterprise E5 Suite, the most comprehensive set of productivity, collaboration, voice and meetings, analytics, security, and compliance capabilities of any Office 365 to date.

To help you continue to build a thriving Office 365 practice, we’re going on a world tour with the Drumbeat Road show for Office 365 E5.

This event is for Microsoft focused partners.

Register now for the road show coming to Melbourne on January 19 and Sydney on January 21, 2016.

What is the Drumbeat Road show?

These no-charge, one-day events offer a series of information-packed sessions to help you understand the Office 365 E5 value proposition. Articulate that value to customers. And take full advantage of the unique opportunities Office 365 E5 can deliver.

Here’s what we currently have planned:

  • Keynote
  • Session – The Office 365 Enterprise E5 Partner Opportunity
  • Session – Office 365 Licensing and Pricing
  • Session – Built for Teams and Networks
  • Session – People-Centric Security
  • Session – Personal and Organizational Insights
  • Next Steps



After you’ve registered, prepare to get the most out of the road show by reviewing the sales and training resources we’ve put together to help you learn more about the value of Office 365 E5 brings to you and your customers.

Learn more about Office 365 E5 with these resources:

We are looking forward to seeing you at the road show!

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