Why a defined value proposition is vital to marketing success?


Ultimately, customers are looking for solutions that will give them competitive advantage and drive additional revenue for their businesses. Accordingly, they want to hear how what you offer will contribute to that.

Whilst Microsoft’s products may answer a particular customer pain point, a customer can often buy a Microsoft solution from a number of different partners, so a partner needs to outline what it is about what they are offering that positions them ahead of their competitors to deliver the value that a customer is looking for.

In my mind, the key word critical to defining value proposition is ‘uniqueness’ – what is it that my organisation/solution can do that my competition can’t do or match? This can be based on technical IP, vertical specialisation, geographical location (are you the only Dynamics partner in Wagga?) and the list goes on…

I recently came across this great template resource from TD agency to help you to build an effective value proposition prior to building Marketing campaigns and activities

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