Want to win more quality business on your terms?

I often hear from Sales Leaders that they:-

  • Are fed up hearing excuses from their sales team for reasons not to prospect
  • See their sales people having lots of good meetings but are not really sure where they stand
  • Get involved in many expensive sales engagements but not often winning
  • Hire sales people that take too long to get up to speed, or fail completely
  • Lack confidence that the people in the team today will get them where we need to be
  • Struggle to change sales people’s habits and behaviours
  • Have sales cycles that drag on and forecasting is inaccurate with deals slipping
  • Are concerned that their sales people cave in under price pressure, and give away too much margin just to win


To help with this, register to join one of our new Sales Performance Workshops to learn different strategies for taking your sales force from good to great. This director-level briefing focuses on improving sales productivity and guiding sales teams to outperform goals. We will share some thought-provoking perspectives on what holds sales performance back and present some fresh ideas that will protect your interests a level above your current approach.

Traditional selling systems continue to have underlying structures and principles that focus on selling features and benefits, they rely heavily on presentation skills to win opportunities and can employ a broad array of time-tested manipulative sales closing techniques.  Let’s put more dignity back into selling and not find ourselves talking and acting like typical sales people…

Are your people committed to raising their sales game? If you’re motivated to improve sales, this session with prove enlightening, entertaining and most importantly, profitable.

Sessions are running in Sydney on 26th October and 6th November, register and join us at https://msevents.microsoft.com/CUI/EventDetail.aspx?EventID=1032679261&Culture=en-AU&community=0

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  1. Craig Bovaird says:

    Both from an Ingram Micro perspective, and my own personal experience from working with the Sandler System in the UK, I can't recommend enough for MS Partners in the MSP space to get along to this and change the way you see the sales process.

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