Cloud Champions II – Community Call – recording and recap

Yesterday we held the last Cloud Champions webinar for this round, we were joined by some of our speakers to answer the questions you raised.  You can listen to the recording of the session (and all other Cloud Champions webinars) and read the recap below.

We were joined by:

  • Phil Goldie – Director of Partner Business & Development
  • Michelle Markham – Product Marketing Manager for Office 365
  • Mike Heald – Product Marketing Manager for Microsoft Azure
  • Scott Lewis – Partner Development Manager for Dynamics CRM
  • Jack Pilon – Partner Marketing Manager for the Microsoft Partner Network
  • Brett Fraser – Partner Channel Development Manager

Below is a recap of the questions we covered during the call:

  • Why are Microsoft’s cloud solutions better than competitors? Do we have an in-depth comparison sheet for this?  As part of Cloud Champions we ran a compete session which covered the key differentiators.  You can view the on demand version and also access information on the Why Microsoft website.
  • We are currently a Microsoft Partner and reselling Office 365 through Telstra but would like to sell through Microsoft directly.  Could you please provide information on how we can sign up?  You can access step by step details here which cover how you become an Office 365 reseller through distribution, syndication and direct.
  • How do we claim 'incidents' or support once certified?  You can manage your support benefits through the Membership essentials page on the partner portal, for more information about partner support see the following blog post.
  • How do I register for Partner of Record?  You can find up to date information on becoming a Partner of Record in this blog post.
  • I already have Action Pack subscription, do I have POR as part of that or do I need to apply separately?  Partner of Record is acknowledgement of your involvement in the sale / deployment of Microsoft Online Services – it usually involves your customer assigning your Microsoft Partner Network ID to their subscription. All Microsoft Partner Network members with an active profile are eligible for POR listing.
  • Gold Partners have Tele support - what can we utilise that dedicated contact for? The dedicated contact helps you manage you membership, utilise benefits, assists with support, helps you stay current and can connect you with other Microsoft staff.
  • How can I learn more about providing power BI services to my customers?  Is there Microsoft training available?  One of the best online resources is at The Microsoft Virtual Academy - there's specific PowerBI content there.

For an opportunity to meet many of our Cloud Champions speakers face to face, register for the Microsoft Australia Partner Conference from 31st August to 3rd September on the Gold Coast.  We will be joined by speakers from our local teams in Australia as well as our global teams and a number of guest speakers from outside Microsoft.  The tracks span not only key solution areas but also building business skills and evolving your business model, and a specific track for marketing. View the full agenda to see the specific sessions.  As well as presentations we are running roundtable discussions called “In conversations” providing an opportunity to meet some of our key speakers in a smaller group environment.  Plus 90 minute workshops called “Masterclasses” providing an opportunity to get deeper into some areas of content and leave the event with a plan of action when you get back to your office.

APC is a great opportunity to meet not only the Microsoft team, but importantly other like-minded Partners.  Many strong partnerships have grown from a connection at an Australia Partner Conference!

We look forward to seeing you there.

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