Building a profitable business with IP services – round 3 – legal & financial considerations

Two critical areas when you’re looking at building IP services are the legal and financial considerations.  From a legal perspective, how do you approach setting up user agreements, what’s involved in setting up reseller contracts and how do you start planning for support and
service level agreements?  The financial element is of course where the rubber hits the road.  Ensuring that you have set relevant financial metrics to measure success in the right way is critical.  Ways of measuring financial success for a cloud business with a subscription model will differ greatly from those for on premises business. 

Harald Horgen from TheYork Group has created videos on these 2 critical topics.  The first focuses on a number of legal considerations specific to building a cloud business.  The second video focuses specifically on the financial metrics you may want to consider to measure success and highlight any key areas to address for your cloud business.  This includes metrics such as churn, customer acquisition costs and spanning the cash flow chasm as you move your business to cloud services.

You may also find the recordings from our Cloud Champions webinar useful as you build your business with cloud services.  Cloud Champions covers topics such as the 3 business models with cloud services, growing the valuation of your business, evolving your marketing plans and transforming your sales.

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