Is Digital Marketing the Holy Grail?

One thing I have learnt this financial year is that while digital marketing is hands down the most effective way of attracting new customers outside of your current base, it is a longer-term play that will not show the type of prompt return on investment you might get from an event or tele campaign to your existing customers.

Traditional marketing strategies and tactics are still appropriate, as long as you target the right people at the right time who are ready to buy.

In previous posts I have covered the benefits of digital marketing including the fact that results are easier to measure and have a far greater reach beyond non-digital campaigns, but success depends on a level of long-term commitment to creating interesting and relevant content, targeted at people likely to be interested in what you have to offer.

Whilst we believe that the returns from traditional marketing will continue to diminish, we also countenance attaining a balance between digital and traditional methods of marketing, particularly when building short-term pipeline from an existing customer base.

Getting the balance right will enable you to show a return on investment whilst at the same time building out your skills and capabilities in digital and social marketing in the medium-term to attract new customers.

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