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In today’s Cloud Champions II webinar we heard from Tom Plewniak how to grow your business with Dynamics CRM Online. If you missed the webinar or want to review the content, all previous sessions can be found on demand on the Cloud Champions calendar.


Many Microsoft partners have found success driving revenue and delivering solutions with Office 365. Partners have built profitable service portfolios by selling, implementing, and creating value-added services for Office 365. But there are many additional opportunities from Microsoft which enable partners to elevate productivity for their customers. Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online is such an opportunity. Today, less than 1% of Office 365 subscribers have Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online.

Dynamics CRM Online is a customer relationship management solution which allows your customers to track relationships and interactions, automate business processes and gain valuable insights into their own customers. Capabilities include Sales Force Automation, Marketing Automation, Customer Service and Social Media Insight.

If you are considering becoming a Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online partner, now is the right time. There is a massive opportunity in the CRM market as increased customer demand drives rapid growth across the industry. And by the end of March 2015, we will deliver Dynamics CRM Online from onshore Australian datacentres.

Here are a few thoughts on how you can increase your profitability by expanding your offering to Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online

1) Develop an understanding of how your customers deal with their customers

Are they a customer-centric organisation? How do they sell to their customers? How do they make money? Do they know which products, services and customers drive the most profitability? Do they have the insights into how to drive cross-sell and up-sell? Ask these questions, and understand their business. This is much less about technology and IT, but about elevating the discussion to business solutions with the sales manager, or even the owner or the general manager of the business.

2) Always sell Sales Productivity

Instead of positioning productivity alone (Office 365) or just a sales force automation tool (CRM Online) – combine the two into a powerful sales productivity solution that will be relevant to all your customers. The interoperability between Office 365 and Dynamics CRM Online is an important competitive advantage that will help you win new customers.

3) Take advantage of our local data centre

Microsoft offers Australia’s most complete cloud with our local, onshore offering of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online coming to the Australian datacentres together with Office 365 and Microsoft Azure. These local services will benefit all of your customers and help address their data residency considerations, particularly if you are working with customers in healthcare, education, government and financial services.

4) Go beyond selling – deploy & customise

While selling Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online and Office 365 will drive initial revenue for you (as well as a recurring stream through renewals), there’s an even bigger opportunity in preparing your customer environment for cloud migration. This can involve system integration, change management services, training the staff and much more.

5) Package IP

Many partners tell us that they drive incremental revenue again by offering customised enhancement, specific add-on software, additional products and services, more functionality or a particular industry experience which you have developed over time.

By adding CRM Online you will be able to increase your average revenue with existing customers, enable upsell opportunities with a more comprehensive productivity offering, establish additional revenue streams with expanded service portfolio – all while differentiating from the competition with value-added CRM solutions.

If you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to get in touch with me.

Tom Plewniak - Business Group Lead, Microsoft Business Solutions


Below are some useful resources following today’s webinar:

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