Australia’s Opportunity to Innovate

Small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are the backbone of the Australian economy, generating seven in every 10 private sector jobs. These businesses are also at the core of the Microsoft Partner Network with 69 per cent of our partners employing 20 employees or less. At the same time, our Partner Network brings technology solutions to SMEs across the country - so we know insights into these customers is of interest to many of you.

However, research commissioned by Microsoft (as part of our Joined-Up Innovation initiative) has revealed that two-thirds of SMEs are failing to reach their full potential because their workplace culture is impeding innovation. According to our report, Culturing Success – conducted with corporate anthropologist Michael Henderson and leading research agency AMR – workplace barriers such as fear of failure, work silos and poor collaboration are holding SMEs back.

To help businesses better understand what’s holding them back, we’ve developed an online assessment tool for SMEs to measure and improve their innovation performance. As well as giving SMEs a view of where they sit on the innovation spectrum, the tool provides a tailored report with actionable tips to help them develop their workplace culture into one that allows innovation to flourish.

If you own or work for an SME, or they form a key part of the customer network you support, you can read the report and find the assessment tool here. Make sure you also share it with your network – it’s an opportunity we can’t afford to pass up!

Full Media kit resources available here

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