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Keeping people trained is basically the only way to survive. You stop training your tech guys on new technology and very soon customers have no reason to call you anymore.  What a busy few weeks, Kristina & I have been hard at work rolling out tons of new training courses, to keep you current including a new Business Training Series designed with your business profitability in mind and structured to follow Microsoft’s vision of a mobile-first, cloud first world. The Business Training Series kicks off this week so register for one or all of the upcoming training:

Back by popular demand, our Microsoft Hybrid Cloud training. The Microsoft Hybrid Cloud Practice Enablement Boot camp provides 200-300 level technical training complete with hands on labs.

We have heard you loud and clear when you say “Give us more Microsoft Azure Training”, below is a list of all the training we have in market focusing on Microsoft Azure;

Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS) is the new kid on the block and is currently an untapped opportunity. Our 2 day EMS Technical Training will address multiple topics within Azure AD Premium, Microsoft Intune and Azure RMS, ranging from an Enterprise Mobility Suite Technical overview to RemoteApp and Phone Factor Authentication. Partners will have the opportunity to participate in hands-on trainings that focus on Azure selling scenarios and Enterprise Mobility PoC. We also have a ½ day EMS Sales Training which I am sure all the sales people out there will get a lot out of.

Based on your feedback from last year, we’ve created a one stop Australia Learning Path which we will keep up to date as we add more training into market, the learning path will help you identify new opportunities for training up your teams. Stop by and check out the Australia Learning Path and the massive amount of training we have in market.

We look forward to seeing you all in one of the many training courses we have to offer.


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