Starting your Pinpoint journey

Now that you have learnt the value of Pinpoint, it’s time to build out your profile! Updated reporting shows us that we currently have 1,236 Partners on Pinpoint with an average customer audience of 6,123 unique local visitors per month, representing a massive opportunity for your business.

To get started on Pinpoint, you need to be a member of the Microsoft Partner Network and then, use your Microsoft account ID to sign into Pinpoint.

Once logged in, the Microsoft Partner Centre will act as the hub where you can create or edit your profile, view analytics, manage leads, add apps and services and find helpful resources. It is useful for you to determine who will manage the leads received. Using an internal alias creates streamlined updates and having a company contact per region is optimal.

Search results are determined by keywords, competencies, customer reviews, profile freshness and location. Keywords are most important in generating search results, followed by competencies.

When creating your profile, you should ensure that you provide content about your business’ skills, expertise, applications and services. A complete profile has a logo, banner, description, application and service listings, customer reviews and enhancing features such as demos, screenshots and case studies.

Furthermore, you can update your profile, logo and add social media links by clicking on company properties, and can add in your company description, new region and new language by clicking on add languages, both found in the details section of the company navigation bar.

When complete, save and submit your profile for review. The live review process will take up to 5 business days to publish.

Tune in next week for the top ten tips in creating a great Pinpoint profile and in the meantime, check out these helpful How to Videos.

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