Building an unstoppable sales team

Of the 3 different business models with cloud services, we’re seeing Partners that have built a defined packaged offering or solution achieving the most profitability. With a clearly defined packaged solution or offering they can then scale in terms of volume whilst maintaining consistent and high levels of experience for their customers. In my blog post last week I talked about rethinking your marketing strategy to increase your relevance to a non-IT audience and using social and digital channels to ensure they find you as a potential solution to their business issues. Ultimately resulting in high volumes of relevant leads. In parallel, it’s critical to rethink your sales approach to drive this high volume.

An example I shared recently is UK Partner Perspicuity. They packaged up a specific service offering and re-engineered their sales process to then drive a high volume of customers. We’ll be hearing from Ben Gower, CEO of Perspicuity in the Cloud Champions webinar on 21st April.

Another example here is a Partner that has built a packaged solution specifically for the fashion industry. It demonstrates the Partner’s marketing and sales approach from end to end. The Partner markets their solution using terms specific to the business problems faced in that industry and uses thought-leadership whitepapers and case studies through social networks and digital channels to ensure their potential customers will find them during their research. By demonstrating depth understanding of the fashion industry and having a packaged solution specifically meeting their needs this streamlined the sales process and time to value for the customer. Leaving the door open for follow on conversations to drive up sell and cross sell. Having a packaged solution means they can drive a high volume of sales and still meet the needs of the customer, creating an opportunity for them to maximise their profitability and ROI from building the solution.

To guide you on how to effectively make these changes to your sales approach we’ve partnered with Luke Debono from Incredible Results to bring you a full-day workshop in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. In this workshop you will learn about different sales methodologies and strategies to help you achieve your goals and how to execute those changes in your business.

Spaces in these workshops are limited so make sure you sign up today. The cost to attend is $75 per seat (incl. GST):

You will need your Microsoft Partner Network login to access the details via the URLs above and sign up.  If you’re not yet an MPN member take a look at Jack Pilon’s blog post on MPN 101 which highlights the benefits and how to sign up.  If you are already an MPN member and having problems with your login you can reach the Regional Support Centre on 13 20 58 (option 2, 4, 1).  If you have any further questions please email

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