Cloud Champions II launched today – view the on demand session and access the resources

Today we launched the first webinar in the Cloud Champions II series. If you missed today’s session, it’s not too late to catch up, you can view the on-demand version.

Today we talked about the increasing momentum with cloud in Australia and the opportunity this represents for our Partners. We know from IDC that Partners that are driving adoption of cloud services with their customers are making more profit, growing their recurring revenue and increasing the number of new customers they acquire. However, we also understand there’s a journey to get there. We heard from Robert Crane from The Computer Information Agency as he shared his learnings from going through the changes needed to build a cloud business.

There are a number of different business models you can consider with cloud. Three we spoke about today are project services, managed services and IP services, and the different financial impact of each of these in terms of short term profitability, cash flow and longer term valuation. You’ll hear more about this in Brent Combest’s session next week.

There’s a consistency in what our successful cloud Partners are doing differently. They are:

· Building recurring revenue streams through managed services and annuity contracts.

· Focusing on “ARPU” – average revenue per user, driving up-sell and cross-sell of value add services at a user level.

· Creating a high volume sales engine.

· Increasing focus on digital marketing and social to attract a high volume of self-educated prospects, resulting in higher qualified leads and shortening the sales process.

· Delivering cloud solutions at a rapid pace to demonstrate the value and benefits to the customer quickly so you become the trusted advisor early on.

We also covered the benefits that you can access through the Microsoft Partner Network to support you as you adopt cloud services. There are a number of options available for you to consider if you’re not already a Microsoft Partner Network member. Benefits spanning:

· Advanced management capabilities for your customer's Office 365 subscriptions with the Online Services Dashboard.

· Enhanced partner sales features allowing you to send Delegated Admin requests, trial invitations and purchase offers through the Office 365 Partner Admin Centre.

· Internal use rights for Microsoft solutions so you can upskill your teams by using what you sell.

· Advisory hours to support and accelerate your sales cycle.

· Eligibility for incentive payments.

· Access to support, training and marketing.

If you’re embarking on your first cloud opportunity with a customer, we offer access pre-sales support for that first deal, email to get details.

Before next week’s webinar I encourage you to spend some time completing the following;

Next week Brent Combest, Worldwide Director of Partner Profitability and Compete at Microsoft will run through how to thrive in a cloud-first, mobile-first world. He’ll dive deeper into the different cloud business models, and how to choose the right one to maximise your profitability and grow your business.

Look forward to seeing you on Tuesday.

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