Help Your Customers Increase Their Sales

We live in a new world of on-demand products and services. We expect to access information immediately when we want it, not wait until someone sends it. We select our own seats on flights directly on the web. We check bank account balances from our smart phones. But these types of on-demand services and deep customer connections are no longer just the domain of the big corporates.

As technology service providers you have the potential to help your SMB customers connect more deeply with their customers, helping them deliver higher customer service levels resulting in increased sales. With new modern technology solutions like Office 365, you can deliver these types of results faster and more affordably than ever before.

Your customers need to understand you're not the guy who just upgrades them to newer versions of the stuff they already have. In 2014 and beyond, you're the guys and girls who give SMB customers capabilities they've simply never had before. You can change they way they do business.

And if you don't the risk is someone else will.

Check out the new Demo Army Tour of Duty: Deepening Customer Connections with O365.

This will help you understand how to lead with this discussion with your customers, how to demonstrate the solution, how you go about setting it up and, finally, examples of what you need to sell to actually provide the solution.

You'll find it in the "Featured Tour of Duty" section at To see all current Tour of Duties, check out the YouTube channel

Current Partner Offers for Office 365 

Don't forget there's currently a 10% cashback offer for resellers selling Office 365 through Open License until the end of December. For all current Microsoft offers and full terms and conditions, check out

If you're partnering with Telstra to provide Office 365 solutions, there's also a great Partner Cashback offer - see

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