Motivate Your Staff to Generate More Opportunities

Whether you have dedicated sales teams, business development managers, onsite technicians or phone based support resources – all your customer facing staff offer avenues to generate opportunities from customer interaction.  But sometimes some additional motivation and incentive doesn’t go astray.  Here’s one idea you can utilise to create a little bit of internal competition amongst staff and motivate them to get in front of more customers and tell the story of how you can help them.

The Microsoft Demo Army is on the March. The Demo Battles are rolling in and the Army is building with new Cadets finding great success in winning business by showing their customers the vision of what technology can do.  One idea I’ve spoken to several resellers about recently is leveraging the Demo Army program to drive a little bit of an internal competition and rewarding staff.  In return, the competitive spirit and incentive should drive your staff you to get in front of more customers, have more conversations, generate more opportunities and inevitably win more business.   

As Zaun Bhana Managing Director of Leap Consulting put it, “…it’s one of the most motivating initiatives for our sales team I’ve seen in a long time…we’re getting more meetings with prospects and clients and it’s helping boost our business.”

Announce a prize for the first staff member who achieves the rank of General.  Or a monthly prize for the person with the most demo battles in that month.  It’s a great fun way to drive a little competitive flair through your business and reward staff while also increasing opportunities and helping staff better understand the types of solutions they could be selling.

If you’re a reseller, find out how you and your team can get involved by watching the briefing video at  To see our growing collection of example demo videos you can learn from, see

Don’t forget the first 100 Cadet’s receive a free Demo army branded back pack!  Download the Demo Army guide and terms and conditions here:

You can find all the Demo Army resources on the one landing page at (requires Microsoft Partner Network membership).

Keep on marching!



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