Embrace the cloud now with Microsoft Payment Solutions

If your business is waiting for the right time to move to the cloud, stop waiting — the time is now.

Companies have more reasons than ever to look to Microsoft cloud solutions for their business and IT needs, with productivity solutions services such as Office 365 and Microsoft Dynamics CRM, and cloud platform solutions like Windows Azure and Hyper-V. More and more companies are making the move. In fact, IDC research shows that public cloud spending will reach almost $100USD billion globally in 2016, growing at five times the rate of the IT industry overall.* Microsoft offers many smart choices for saving money on your IT investment so you can take advantage of its latest and greatest cloud services. And Microsoft Payment Solutions make it easy to get started — now.

Cloud-based and hybrid infrastructure technologies, office productivity applications, deployment services, and hardware solutions offer businesses tools and features that go beyond what’s possible with their current on-premises deployments. The cloud also offers faster deployments; cost savings in equipment, software, power and cooling; and improved return on investment.

For some businesses, a gradual transition to the cloud is the best fit for their production and budget cycles. But others may find that, from an IT perspective, it’s better to make a full transition — if they can overcome price concerns and allocate budget to cover the upfront capital outlay. Although this expenditure will be offset over time with reduced maintenance and service costs, many companies need the flexibility and simplicity that payment options can offer to help them better align their expenses with the business value of a cloud solution right now. Microsoft Payment Solutions can help you start to embrace the cloud, at the pace that works for you, without breaking your budget.

Microsoft Payment Solutions offers a range of flexible payment structures that map to your business seasonality and needs. Options include the following:

· Scheduling payments over time to spread out the cost of IT investments

· Deferring payments to allow time for deploying and benefiting from IT investments

· Ramping up payments to increase as revenue increases

· Customizing payments to match the cash flow patterns of your particular business

Even businesses with sufficient cash reserves to cover the upfront costs of a cloud migration can take advantage of Microsoft Payment Solutions to preserve capital for unexpected expenses, other revenue-generating initiatives or higher-yielding investments.

Because the cloud isn’t just one product or service, Microsoft Payment Solutions can help you finance all aspects of your migration project, including Microsoft and third-party software, services and hardware. And it’s easy to add new software purchases or additional services to an existing agreement, which helps you carry out a phased cloud migration or accommodate changing needs over time. Lastly, Microsoft Payment Solutions offers great flexibility and customization and can match — or even improve on — existing payment structures if you’re switching from another provider’s solution.

If you’ve been waiting for the right time to start planning your cloud migration, there’s no need to wait any longer. Microsoft Payment Solutions can help you implement the cloud solution that’s right for you, with the flexibility and affordability you need to get started.

Contact your Partner Representative or Account Manager today to find out how you can use Microsoft Payment Solutions to simplify your migration to the cloud.

For more information, visit Microsoft Payment Solutions.

Microsoft works with third-party financing providers to facilitate payment solutions for credit-approved customers under the Microsoft Financing program.

* “Leveraging Effective Payment Solutions in the Move to Cloud-Based Services,” Susan Middleton, IDC, April 2013


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Microsoft Payment Solutions is a name for products that are offered by De Lage Landen Pty Ltd under the Microsoft Financing program, not by Microsoft.
Microsoft Financing name and logo are used by De Lage Landen under license. This document is for informational purposes only and does not constitute an offer of credit by Microsoft or any affiliate of Microsoft. In order to receive financing, a customer must be credit approved by De Lage Landen. The financing agreement between the customer and De Lage Landen will set forth the terms and conditions on which credit is offered.

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