Internet of Your Things – Sydney Event


Microsoft invites you to explore the 'Internet of Things', one of the fasting growing mega trends identified by analysts globally.

The Internet of Things is the ability to connect devices and sensors to the internet in order to harness insights to help businesses generate a competitive advantage. The opportunity for partners and customers alike is staggering:

  • IDC have predicted the installed base of the Internet Of Things will be approximately 212 billion "things" globally by the end of 20201
  • 75% of companies are either actively exploring the Internet of Things or already
    using it2
  • The potential market size of the Internet of Things is forecast to be $7.3 Trillion
    in 20173.

In order to take the first step towards capitalising on these trends, Microsoft will hold an event to briefly share our vision and strategy for the 'Internet of Your Things' and discuss how partners can embrace this new era of integrated intelligence computing.

The event will host a range of Windows embedded device partners, who will showcase concepts that are set to transform the way businesses operate across a range of industries, from health, retail, manufacturing and hospitality. We will also provide details of the new Intelligent System Service built on Microsoft Azure and share information about some of the customer deployments we have globally.

We will be running four session on 5 June, this will also provide ample opportunity to network and make connections to help bring the 'Internet of Your Things' to life for your business.

Date: 5 June 2014

Venue: Ground Floor Theatre, Microsoft North Ryde



Register here to participate in one of our networking sessions.


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