It’s the end of XP. And the start of something new.

After 13 years of loyal service, support for Windows XP ended on 8 April 2014. And while PCs running XP will still work, we are no longer seeding upgrades, developing security patches or providing technical support.

What does this mean for you?

There’s never been a better time for your clients to get modern. Advancements in security, reliability and mobility in devices and the operating systems (OS) that run on them offer the kind of capabilities the modern workforce now expects.

Leaner. Smarter. Fitter.

It’s not just end users that benefit from new technology. Modernising can also help clients avoid the costs – and risks – of running an OS beyond its support lifecycle.

And while the capital investment for upgrading may seem like a needless expense, most technology refreshes more than pay for themselves through reduced operational costs. There’s another advantage for modernising.

Microsoft Payment Solutions

Designed for clients like yours, a Microsoft Payment Solution offers more than a flexible funding alternative to traditional lines of credit. It provides a platform on which to build tomorrow’s advantage today. Here are just some of the benefits.

More for you.

It all begins with a rebate to the tune of 2% on each qualified Open or Select deal for all credit approved customers – an incentive designed to help you drive business and close the deal. Find full terms and conditions of this brilliant incentive here1.

No cap on ambition.

From as little as $3,000 or as much as $5 million and above, clients have the freedom to align their borrowings with their ambition.

Build your own advantage.

Unlike most IT-led lenders, we ask that just 10% of your client’s total IT wish list comprises of Microsoft technology to be considered for a loan. This competitive advantage allows you to include third party hardware and partner services within your offering, extending your supplier appeal in the process.

More. And less.

No application or management fees. No hidden costs. Competitive, fixed rates. The one thing a Microsoft Payment Solution doesn’t contain is nasty surprises.

Real-world repayments.

Flexible repayment programs offer clients the chance to spread costs over monthly, quarterly or semi-annual payments, or adjust payments to fit or preserve cash flow by ramping up over time or aligning with business cycles.  Watch this video to learn more.

What next?

For more details about Microsoft Payment Solutions, click here.


1 Rebate runs until 27 June 2015. Applies to credit approved customers with qualifying finance deals. The minimum deal size is $3,000. Rebate is 2% on the total financial deal value for non-annuity (including True-Ups) and 2% of the first year invoice value on annuity deals. Rebate is capped at $10,000 per deal but applies to all financed deals. Applies to Enterprise Agreements, Select, Open, Open SA, Open Value, Open Value Subscription, Surface or other Microsoft Hardware, 3rd Party Software, Partner Services, 3rd Party Hardware.

Microsoft Payment Solutions is a name for products that are offered by De Lage Landen Pty Ltd under the Microsoft Financing program, not by Microsoft.
Microsoft Financing name and logo are used by De Lage Landen under license. This document is for informational purposes only and does not constitute an offer of credit by Microsoft or any affiliate of Microsoft. In order to receive financing, a customer must be credit approved by De Lage Landen. The financing agreement between the customer and De Lage Landen will set forth the terms and conditions on which credit is offered.

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