Cloud Champion – Round 2: Training

Welcome to the second week of our Cloud Champion campaign. This 12-week step-by-step course is designed to get you cloud competent and cloud confident. If you haven’t signed up yet, please visit

Last week covered how to take advantage of Microsoft’s Partner Network, turning on benefits such as Internal Use Rights and partnering with a Distributor and/or Telstra. This week is about training, designed to help you stay current on Microsoft technologies and strategies through in person training, virtual instructor led training and on demand training. 

The slides and recording from the webinar are also included in this post.

Microsoft Partner Training
Whether you want to learn about new product features or access in-depth exam preparation, we have training. Choose from the following options to find the training that best meets your needs.

Role alignment with the Microsoft Solution Selling Process


This graph shows the different training Microsoft provides mapped to the sales process. It’s also useful to mention which stage an opportunity is at when speaking with Microsoft, another partner or a Distributor/Telstra.

Upcoming Microsoft Australia Training

Below is a list of all the Australian training to help you and your team skill up on the latest technology, solutions and news.

  • In person training
    All of our training across all workloads may be found on our training calendar. This is kept up to date and is a great resource to find out what is happening in a city near you.
    You should also keep in touch with your Distributor/Telstra contacts, as they have often have a number of events across the country to choose from.
  • Online training
    • Sales Specialist training and accreditation
      According to Microsoft Internal research, partners with two or more accredited Sales Specialists on staff see an average of 3.5 times more revenue per deal. Trained Presales Technical Specialists can lead to 74% larger deal size and 20% increase in deal velocity. Makes sense really. The more you know about the “Microsoft stack” makes it easier to upsell and cross sell to provide the right solution for your customer.
    • If you are in a sales role, learn more about the accreditation specific to your expertise
    • If you are in a technical role, view certifications.
    • Create your own learning path by competency, accreditation, products or segment. For cloud technologies, look for:
      • Products > Cloud Products and Services > Building an Office 365 Practice | Windows Intune | Windows Azure | Cloud Readiness
      • Products > Office and Office 365
      • Partner Type > Solution Partners > Windows Azure
  • Customised training
    Sometimes the training listed above needs to be tailored for your business. You can redeem some of your advisory hours (a great benefit for Action Pack subscribers and Silver/Gold partners). The team is based around the world and can be reached via the website. This team are my go to guys when a partner asks a technical question and I don’t know the answer. They offer chalk talks, webinar training, assistance with completing RFPs and technical licensing recommendations. You can also schedule practice accelerators for the team for things like Office 365.
  • Keeping up to date with news
    Many partners ask how they keep up to speed with all the news from Microsoft. There’s so much happening, it’s sometimes hard to prioritise what to read. Here’s some tips:

Webinar Content

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