[Australian Partners] Office 365 Internal Use License transition guidance

With the integration of cloud into the Microsoft Partner Network, cloud license benefits are changing, as is the process used for Partners to access them.

From April 2, 2014, Australia will adopt the worldwide model for Office 365 Internal Use License (IUR) entitlement and attainment. Until then:

If you do not already have your Office 365 IUR: You can gain access to your licenses by following these steps.

If you already have your Office 365 IUR: You will not be able to transition your licences until April 2, from this date you have until June 30, 2014 to complete the transition. The procedure is quick and easy – you won’t even need to change your tenant.

Please take this time to plan out your transition:

  1. Learn more about the transition and new entitlement structure here
  2. How many seats are you currently using?
  3. How many seats will you be entitled to under the new model?
  4. What steps, if any, do you need to take to ensure full license coverage?
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