Associate to your organisation – access your benefits

Partnering with Microsoft is the best business decision you can make.

Whether you're a Community member, Action Pack subscriber or Competency partner, the benefits needed to grow your business are at your fingertips (to learn more about the Microsoft Partner Network, including; getting started, benefits and support, read the MPN Quickstart Guide).

If your company is already a Microsoft Partner Network (MPN) member, it is important to associate with your organisation profile - this will enable you to access partner benefits and receive partner updates.

What you need:

  • Required:
    • A Microsoft Account (also known as a Windows Live ID), such as a @hotmail or @outlook email address. This is the account you will use to sign in to the Partner Portal.
  • Recommended:
    • Know your Primary Program Contact - this is the person within your organisation who manages your Microsoft Partner Network membership. They are often required to approve your association request
    • Your company's Partner ID, also known as an "Organisation ID" - colleagues already associated with your account can find this in the Partner Membership Center

Association Process:

  1. Go to the Simplified Association Process page
  2. Follow the steps under “It’s Easy to Associate” a) Click “Sign In”, select a sign in preference (Windows Live ID is recommended), enter your email address and password and click "Continue"

    b) Click “Search”

    c) You will be prompted to create a personal profile – it is important to complete as much information as possible

    • Entering a pre-authenticated email address (such as your work email address) as the "Contact Email" will expedite approval of your account. Using an un-authenticated email address will require your request to be approved by your Primary Program Contact
    • Take this opportunity to set your communication preferences - click "Manage your communications" to access the Profile Center (clicking will not disrupt the association process)

    d) Once you have completed your individual profile, click "Next"

    e) Search for your organisation

  • If you have your Partner ID, enter it here and click "Next"
  • If you do not have your Partner ID, click "I Don't Have My Partner ID", enter your company details to the best of your knowledge and click "Next" - repeat as necessary until your company is found

f) To confirm your Organisation, click "Next"

g) Click "Finish" to send the invitation to your nominated email address (it can take up to 24 hours for your invite to be delivered)

h) If you added a pre-authenticated email address in step 2c. your association will automatically be approved

i) If you did not include a pre-authenticated email, your Primary Program Contact will need to accept your request

j) Please Note: It can take up to 24 hours for your association to be processed

k) Make sure to follow the steps in your invitation email and complete your profile in the Partner Membership Center

        3. You’re done! Now, why not learn how to register for the Microsoft Partner Support Community, or update your profile to receive communications

        4. Having problems? The partner support team can help on 13 20 58 (Options 2,4,1) – Australian contact details

Comments (7)

  1. David says:

    still can’t for the life of me figure out how to move my MCP ID from an unused hotmail account to my current O365 account

    1. Sarah_Arnold says:

      Hi David,

      Have you called partners support on 13 20 58?

      regards Sarah

  2. Jeff Kozloff says:

    I have a couple questions regarding the Microsoft Account login, both related to MCP ID and when associating MCP ID with the organization.
    1. After the staff receives their invitation email to associate with the Microsoft Partner, they are asked to login upon opening the link, can the user use their Microsoft Organization/School login or only personal Microsoft Account?
    2. When the user received their MCP ID and signed up on, it asked to provide Microsoft Account. Say they used, do they have to use this same account when linking their account with the partner organization, or can they use any MS account?

    Could you help clarify?

    Thank you ahead of time!
    Jeff Kozloff

    1. Jeff Kozloff says:

      Spoke with MS on chat and got my answers :-), here is the details:
      1. When staff takes exams, they should use their PERSONAL MSA (use the same one for all exams).
      2. when they associated to MPN account, they will use their PERSONAL MSA to login, but set email to their work email (the one defined in the invitation). NOTE: be careful if your company uses multiple aliases, need to match exactly the email alias posted in the invitation when staff creates their MPN profile.

  3. Sudhir bandi says:

    I have recently achieved MCSA tag how can I associate that with a organization. I have already associated my MCP ID with the organization.

  4. Umar says:

    I received the “Accepted: Request to Associate with a Member Organization” email when I follow the link to edit my profile and accept the legal agreement as mentioned in email it takes me to first step to search and associate with organization again and this continues and I am unable to complete my registration any ideas what could be issue?

    1. Jack_Pilon says:

      Hi Umar,

      MPN Support (/Regional Service Centre) can assist you with the process. The Australian contact details can be found at

      An alternative is to ask your Primary Program Contact to follow the “Invite Multiple Contacts” process through the Partner Membership Centre (

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