How to associate with your organisation’s MPN profile

<Updated 08/06/2016>

Microsoft Partner Network (MPN) membership provides a wealth of benefits – the vast majority of which are accessed by logging in to the Partner portal. To do this, you must first be associated with your organisation’s MPN profile. Read on for steps to associate.


You will need

  1. A Microsoft Account, such as an email address. You will use this account to sign in to the portal and access partner benefits
  2. An work email address that includes your organisation’s email domain, eg. <yourname>@<organisationname>.com. This will be used to verify your association request


Do this first

Ensure your Primary Program Contact (the individual that manages your organisation’s MPN profile) has pre-approved your organisation’s email domain for association.

  • Tip: your Primary Program Contact can pre-approve your email domain through the Partner Membership Centre by; clicking “Organisation Information”, selecting “Manage Organisation Profile”, scrolling to “Your Organisation email domains”, adding the email domain(s) and clicking “Update”


Requesting association

  1. Sign in to the association page with your Microsoft Account
  2. Select “Join an existing organisation”
  3. Enter your organisation’s details and click “Lookup”
  4. Tick the checkbox next to your organisation
  5. Enter your contact information
    • Be sure to enter your work email address under “Organisation Email”
  6. Pre-approval status
    • If your organisation’s email domain has been pre-approved, you will see a message stating “Your request to associate with the company has been accepted”. Proceed to Step 7
    • If your organisation’s email domain was not pre-approved, you will see a message stating “Your request to associate to your organization’s account has been sent to your organisation’s program administrator” – your PPC will need to sign in to the Partner Membership Centre and accept your request before you can proceed to Step 7
  7. Check your work email account for an email from “” – follow the prompts to complete your individual profile and activate your association
    • Note: If you have one, make sure to include your Microsoft Certified Professional ID (MCP ID) in your individual profile. This will allow your certifications to contribute towards Competency attainment. If your MCP ID is associated to another organisation, you will need to remove it first. You can always do this later through the Partner Membership Centre


You’re all set! You can now sign in to the partner portal and access benefits such as no cost training and support.

To access Action Pack and Competency benefits such as Internal Use Rights software licences, or for Global Administrator Rights to manage the MPN profile, ask your Primary Program Contact to grant you additional privileges through the Partner Membership Centre.


Need more help with your association? Contact the Regional Service Centre on 13 20 58 (Options 2,5,1).



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