Why you should attend Worldwide Partner Conference 2013 (WPC 2013)

Accelerate your business profitability with smarter partnering

The 2013 Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference is a global gathering of top Microsoft partners that provides the roadmap and inspiration to activate and drive joint business. Partners will be immersed in an environment of devices and services that empower business, they will experience various opportunities for business conversations and they’ll hear other partner and customer success stories. 

Last year was the largest single launch wave of products in Microsoft’s history, and this year the company is re-investing in its partners touching every industry, every customer, in every segment in every part of the globe. Building on WPC 2012’s success as a springboard to the banner year of product launches, we are now focused on the roll-out of new products that will take partners’ businesses to the next level. From unprecedented cloud solutions to products that excel in both an online and on-premise, WPC 2013 will highlight the unique opportunities partners can leverage in the coming year to extend their solutions. 

From multipronged campaigns such as Get2Modern for Windows and Office to balanced investments in channel incentives, sales and marketing tools, it’s clear that Microsoft is THE best business decision for partners.


SUMMARY: Now is the time for a cloud enabled business! Cloud computing has quickly moved beyond the hype into a compelling business strategy for organizations around the globe. Early channel cloud adopters are already reaping the revenue benefits of moving their business solutions to the cloud.

WHY WPC 2013: Some channel cloud business models are already maturing, and the transformative value of the cloud is beginning to be realized. The cloud enabled business is now solidly secured in the fabric of businesses, large and small, so it is imperative that you get on board at WPC 2013 to learn about the next wave of cloud services opportunities.


SUMMARY:  The emergence of mobile apps and app stores created an industry that Gartner estimates is expected to make $25 billion in 2013, up 62% from a year ago. 

Mobile is increasingly present across the enterprise, from mobile workers, to sales staff, and all across the supply chain. 

WHY WPC 2013: The best use cases for mobility in the enterprise are still being assessed. Businesses large and small are just beginning to map out their IT priorities and strategies for mobile platforms. The "Mobile First" maturity map is still being written, and WPC 2013 offers you the most compelling chance to tackle the learning curve inherent in integrating mobility into your traditional application business models. Attend WPC 2013 to learn how to make mobility one of your best profitability and efficiency tools this year!


SUMMARY: The social enterprise is creating an IT market disruption that can provide a very profitable opportunity. The integration of social applications into traditionally closed IT environments is revolutionizing traditional business collaboration processes with the ultimate goal of creating more adaptable and capable organizations.

WHY WPC 2013: So how do you sell the business relevance of social enterprise collaboration tools? What scenarios can help your customers make the best decisions about when and how to deploy a social collaboration solution? WPC 2013 will help you answer these questions and better understand technologies behind the social enterprise roadmap your customers are starting to follow. 


SUMMARY: According to analysts, IT spending driven by big data reached $28 billion in 2012, and these same analysts believe big data will drive almost $232 billion on IT spending by 2016ii. Building a successful big data business practice isn’t only about adjusting traditional solutions to current big data demands – it involves a new level of capacity and capability.

WHY WPC 2013: Using big data to drive business value is more than just collecting, managing and deploying data. New competencies must be achieved to effectively help your customers outline their short and long-term business goals and correctly prioritize their technology investments. WPC 2013 will provide you with the knowledge and tools you need to map your business strategy in order to support your customers at each successive stage of their big data journey.

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ii Gartner, Inc.: http://www.gartner.com/newsroom/id/2200815

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