Changes to the Microsoft Online Services Advisor Incentives

Are you aware of the recent changes to the Microsoft Online Services Advisor incentives? To ensure that you are receiving the incentives you are eligible for, please familiarise yourself with the changes below and read the Online Services Advisor Incentives Guide. These changes are only for purchases made through Enterprise Agreements:

  • In addition to the existing deployment incentives, you may also earn incentives for managing Enterprise Agreement customer subscriptions, offering professional services and providing advice to your customer on Microsoft Online Services.
  • If you are a Cloud Accelerate partner there are new accelerators to reward you as you increase your impact on Microsoft Online Services with your customers.

For full details of all the changes please read carefully the Online Services Advisor Incentives Guide.  We will be running a webinar to walk through these changes and provide you with an opportunity to ask questions on Monday 26th November. Visit the registration site for full details. 

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